Twisted Tetris

Those of you who read my last post, may have gotten the urge to play some of those arcade games from back in the day again. For those of you who do, I’ve got some good news. My previous post reminded me of this Tetris game I played a few weeks ago. It’s not your typical kind of Tetris though.

No Sir, it’s Tetris with a twist to it (literally). Every time you rotate a block, the screen goes along with it, it’ll make you dizzy and lightheaded if you play it long enough. I also found that the added music certainly helps. And if that’s not enough, there’s also a night mode, in which you can’t see anything but the blocks itself.

Click the image for some “First Person Tetris”

I got 3080, what score did you get?


About simon wardenier
24-year old Sociology student, studied Communication, Blogger, Photographer, Social MediaGeek & Hard Determinist. Love books, coffee & culture. No Regrets

7 Responses to Twisted Tetris

  1. Michael says:

    1960 😦
    da spelleke is lijk nie gemaakt om vlak na uw eten te spelen, wtf.. :p

  2. Lino says:

    10.640 –> they call this ’skills’

    remember, don’t challenge me again! xp

  3. Boris says:

    Hahaha, ik had het lastiger met het zoeken hoe ik een screenshot moet nemen op een mac dan het spel zelf, high score is 14204, could’ve reached higher, maar ik liet me sterven, it’s 5 am and I’m going to bed 😀

    Awesome find, still.

  4. prachtig, Lino will be pissed off 😀

  5. Lino says:

    well I am, but.. ik liet mij ook sterven! xp

  6. brown says:

    lol, this is hard!

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