Hero in a dressing gown.

If there’s one artist that always succeeds in moving me with his music, it’s definitely Chilly Gonzales. This modern and world-renowned musician who produces pure gold with his fingertips each and every time, is by far my favourite pianist. The first song below this post performs an excellent job in proving this. But another feature that is less common, is that between those sensible sounds, lies a certain rawness that typifies Gonzales. Which is why I wanted to share the second video below, which is a live version of his Oregano track from his first Solo Piano album. So sit back, press play and enjoy!


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

When I look at 2011, it was a musical eye opener for me. That’s why I’d like to give you my four favourite songs of 2011. Hope you’ll find something you like.

Something Old

Bon Iver has been around for quite a long time, but since Birdy’s popular cover, some attention has gone back to this wonderful artist. Which is why, this song fits onto the 2011 list, whilst being from 2009. And although I have a lot of respect for the talented Birdy, I can’t help but think that the original is infinitely better.


Something New

This is new, as in ‘extremely fresh’. The Glitch Mob made an excellent album, with We Can Make the World Stop being my favourite track on it.


Something Borrowed

Brussels based deejay The Magician decided to borrow I Follow Rivers, by Lykke Li for his remix. And I can’t blame him for taking the song and giving it some oomph.


Someting Blue

Sadness is beautiful, even more so if it’s placed deep within a soothing song performed by one of the greatest and most underestimated singers of 2011, Lucy Rose. Be sure to check out her site, she’s got a few free tunes that you shouldn’t miss out on in 2011.

Memorecks did it again (2)

Can’t not post this, Memorecks did it again with this awesome new instrumental..

Hypnotic sounds with a whole bunch of awesome samples and wicked laser sounds, enjoy…


Can’t tell you why I like this one, but that jazzy rhythm mixed with that powerful voice, has got me hooked.

Jessica Cornish, you’re a beast.

Pepernoten to eat.

Sinterklaas is coming, which finally gives me the chance to share this awesome music video with you.

“Every year 5 december is a day so sweet, gifts from me and Piet, pepernoten to eat”

I stumbled upon this hilarious track a few months ago, but decided to wait for it. With Sinterklaas silently approaching from Spain, –  and quite weirdly arriving in the Netherlands tomorrow before dropping of his gifts in Belgium – I couldn’t resist posting this one. The track was made a few years ago by Boom Chicago and is called It ain’t easy Being Sint. The cool part about the track is that it’s got a lot of funny lines, especially those with dutch words in it. So here you go, check it out and enjoy!

Girl Talk, All Day long

Allow me to explain, before you get the wrong idea.

Some of you might remember Girl Talk from one of my last post. He’s the mash up musician – and sampling genius – making strange, yet awesome combinations. Whether it’s Pop, Hip-hop, Rock or Rap, he makes it work. And now there’s some good news, 5 days ago he released his new album, called All Day. Even better for all those broke and non-iTunes using people among you.. it’s totally FREE.. So there’s only two things left for you to do: 1 Download the album, 2 check AllSamples to see the names of the songs used in his mash ups..

Check it out and enjoy the freshness!

(click the image to head on to the download)

Everybody got their something

If you had Frank Sinatra as your godfather, there must be something special about you. Singer and soulful lady Nikka Costa has got something special ,she’s got soul and unforgeable funk. Although she’s fairly unknown, she’s got some great songs in her repertoire. If I don’t feel like working – which is mostly the case – her songs can certainly help the workflow. So check out “Everybody got their something” which is the title-track of her 2001 album. The style of the song kinda makes me think of Lucy Pearl, but maybe that’s just me. There’s also an acoustic version of the song, that she did for Rolling Stone magazine. Enjoy!