Toys in conversation

Just dropping a short post here, have been quite busy lately, but I promise I’ll start posting more after this one. So for now, check out this artist’s wonderful work.

Aled Lewis, a London based illustrator and designer, made some great cartoons featuring classic toys and speech balloons/text bubbles. Sounds simple, but sure does look great. Enjoy!

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Pepernoten to eat.

Sinterklaas is coming, which finally gives me the chance to share this awesome music video with you.

“Every year 5 december is a day so sweet, gifts from me and Piet, pepernoten to eat”

I stumbled upon this hilarious track a few months ago, but decided to wait for it. With Sinterklaas silently approaching from Spain, –  and quite weirdly arriving in the Netherlands tomorrow before dropping of his gifts in Belgium – I couldn’t resist posting this one. The track was made a few years ago by Boom Chicago and is called It ain’t easy Being Sint. The cool part about the track is that it’s got a lot of funny lines, especially those with dutch words in it. So here you go, check it out and enjoy!

Dirty balls, they’re every man’s nightmare…

I’ve always been a huge fan of AXE (Unilever) and the catchy and creative campaigns around their products made by BBH, which has to be my favourite advertising agency. For their newest free giveaway, the Axe Detailer, they’ve chosen for the typical TV Home Shopping setting. I’d rather not ruin the surprise here, so go ahead and have a look at the original ad, the follow up and the so-called press conference to do away with the confusion around the product for a healthy dose of ambiguity. The ads feature some eyecandy by the name of Denese Saintclaire as well as ex-tennis player Monica Blake (played by Jaime Pressly). This is what advertising should be like, so check it out, enjoy!

Clottemans Soundtrack

This is a perfect example of one of those songs, where I hate the original, hate the singer, but love the remix. Enjoy!

A footnote: rumour has it that Cheryl Cole is about 80% Plastic


Can’t say I love all the tracks used in this next music video, mixed by Girl Talk. I am however crazy about the tons of animated GIFS used in the video made by the famous Evan Roth. The track is called “Cache rules everything around me” (got to love that pun) and features mostly annoying but always funny GIFS which include dancing babies, crazy presidents and even a girl getting punched below the belt. If you’re in for a laugh, check it out below. Enjoy! Greetings from Barcelona

Next Level: Beatbox (Part One)

Although beatboxing seems to have been fading to the background again, I decided to post a few of the most original beatboxers out there. So be sure to check these out. This is Part One.

Some of these videos have been around for years, but still a lot of people haven’t ever seen or heard it. Beardyman is one of the most creative beatboxers out there. I stumbled upon the live (comedy/beatbox) show he did in Edinburgh a few months ago and I was immediately sold. If you can entertain a crowd – without a script – for a complete hour, then you’ve got to be good. Beardyman is a London-based musician  renowned for his beatboxing skills and use of live looping technology. I’d recommend everybody to check out his liveshow, but if you haven’t got an hour of precious time right now, then check these 3 videos below. The first one is called A Beatbox Recipe in which he mixes ingredients/sounds into an awesome dish. The other two videos were created for Bacardi’s Beatology project. In both he makes great use of his amazing improvisational skills. So check out the videos and enjoy!

A beatbox Recipe

Beardyman in the supermarket

Beardyman in the library

Stuff No One Told Me

I’d like to recommend this blog I stumbled upon, it’s not so much a blog as it is a tree of whisdom. Alex Noriega is a 29-year old illustrator from Barcelona. Using only a pencil and some photoshop, he creates stunning cartoons that everytime shows you a smart, witty phrase alongside an awesome drawing. The blog is called Stuff No One Told Me(but I learned anyway) and I’d like to recommend it to everybody out there. Bookmark it at once!

His personal sketchblog is also worth checking out, it contains some awesome and very funny illustrations. I’ve placed some of his work in the slideshow below, but be sure to head out to his blog afterwards. Enjoy!

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