The city that never sleeps?

Tokyo may seem like a city that never sleeps, but those with a watchful eye can always spot some inhabitants that don’t abide by that rule. Photographer Adrian Storey tried to capture these inhabitants in a serie of photographs titled ‘Let the poets cry themselves to sleep‘. The series is meant to be a commentary on contemporary Japanese society and shows a few very strong images which really dazzle the mind. Enjoy!

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via Uchujin Photos


Epic and Epileptic

I’ve always been a sucker for animated GIFS, so I just had to share this next thing.  The Saline Project is a New York based creative agency, which consists of brothers Adam Toht and Ben Toht, lead 3D artist/designer Jesse Roff and animator Liam Kirtley. Their latest  project is called MVHV, which is short for Monsters, Villains, Heroes and Victims. It features awesome bad guys in moving backgrounds in a film noir setting, it’s really just supercrazy awesome. So check out these amazing GIFS down below and be sure to keep an eye out for future projects by these creative geniuses.

By Saline Project.

A freshly brewed cup of Java.

Since my girlfriend got me a french press, my morning routine has changed quite a bit. Thought I’d share those changes by recording my most recent one. By the way – as most of you probably already now -you’re always welcome to have a cup of freshly brewed coffee when you drop by.

Ten Seconds is the new planking

I think I can speak for all of us if I say that we’ve all had it with planking and all its variations. Therefore I thought I’d introduce a less annoying and more beautiful version of it.

Alma Haser used to play Hide and Seek with her brother when she was younger. A little twist to the game was the fact that they mostly hid in places where they were pretty much still visible. This inspired her to make the serie ‘Ten Seconds’, consisting of images and videos who show just that. So head on below for a bunch of images and videos showing people who suck at hiding. Enjoy!

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Toys in conversation

Just dropping a short post here, have been quite busy lately, but I promise I’ll start posting more after this one. So for now, check out this artist’s wonderful work.

Aled Lewis, a London based illustrator and designer, made some great cartoons featuring classic toys and speech balloons/text bubbles. Sounds simple, but sure does look great. Enjoy!

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An Elephant on the tube

I reckon everybody has seen a animal-shaped cloud in his life, or if not in real life, at least the bunny-shaped cloud in  Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain. I get it a lot, seeing something that’s not there,  looking at optical illusions and seeing both the young girl and the old lady or the duck and the rabbit. Paul Middlewick had it too, but what he saw, was quite a bit more special, in 1988 he spotted the first animals on the London Underground maps, over the years a lot of people have contributed other animals to the collection. Now they’ve all been placed online, where both me and you can enjoy them.. so check out the gallery below or visit their site for more info.

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Black Mamba

A post about snakes, but have no fear, no bad acting done by Samuel L. Jackson in this blogpost.

One of my favourite directors has to be Robert Rodriguez, a true genius and maker of Sin City, Grindhouse: Planet Terror and of course Machete (the movie & the trailer). Apart from that, when it gets to advertising about sports, Adidas is pretty awesome, but all hands down for Nike, bringing creativity, awesome imagery and  humor in every ad.  Their latest ad is a prime example of that, directed by Rodriguez and featuring Basketball legend Kobe Bryant, action hero/actor Bruce Willis amongst others.

I’ll say no more about the plot, except for this, one person I really can’t stand, dies in this short film. Check it out and enjoy!