Ten Seconds is the new planking

I think I can speak for all of us if I say that we’ve all had it with planking and all its variations. Therefore I thought I’d introduce a less annoying and more beautiful version of it.

Alma Haser used to play Hide and Seek with her brother when she was younger. A little twist to the game was the fact that they mostly hid in places where they were pretty much still visible. This inspired her to make the serie ‘Ten Seconds’, consisting of images and videos who show just that. So head on below for a bunch of images and videos showing people who suck at hiding. Enjoy!

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Don’t you hate it when a hamster steals your car and uses it in a music video?

Some of you may have seen this one, but to those isolated from TV at the moment, check out this great new ad by Kia.

To promote their latest model called “Soul” they took a classic Hiphop track and gave it a twist. And what better way to do that than to use some rapping hamsters with – I’ve gotta give it to them –  some funky moves. The rapping hamsters aren’t really hamsters, they’re actually Black Sheep. If the group Black Sheep (part of the Native Tongues with ATCQ, De La Soul & The Jungle Brothers) doesn’t ring a bell, think of the phrase “engine engine number 9, on the New York transit line, if my train goes off the track, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up” used in thousands of Hiphop and – unfortunately also – R&B-tracks. That same line is also from the track used in the ad, it’s called “The Choice is Yours” and it’s a personal favorite of mine. So check it out, the ad and the original music video, both swell as hell. Enjoy!

And here’s the original Black Sheep – The choice is yours

Nike Air

Nike recently made an awesome viral video. For those who haven’t seen it yet, you’re in for a real treat. The ad features a whole lot of famous athletes, including Maria Sharapova, Carl Lewis, Paul Rodrigues Jr. and actor and comedian David Koechner.

I shouldn’t spoil it by telling you how it goes, but let’s say that Nike Air, isn’t just Air …


22,742 Pieces

No, Hocus Pocus hasn’t released a new album, the title refers to the number of LEGO blocks that were used by the creative agency Boys and Girls to make a boardroom table for a new Irish advertising agency. The advertising agency wanted their boardroom to be playful, but not juvenile, here’s what they came up with;

“A 1.2 x 2.7metre boardroom table (4ft x 9ft) made out of Lego. A monolithic slab made up of a random pattern of the instantly recognizable lego pixels, with the company’s logo is built in relief into the table top, falling away under a glass surface. Architects don’t normally work as contractors so it was hugely rewarding for us and financially efficient for our client when we decided to build the table ourselves.”

The whole process of making the table was made into a viral by Artist Cormac Browne, using tripods, clamps and magic arms from the wizards sleeve of camera equipment to take over 8,000 photos for a 2 minute stop frame animation of the construction and installation. And I have to say, it looks pretty awesome. So go ahead and  check out the pictures and the stop-motion video below, absolutely stunning!