In a world of vinyl

I’ve always been fond of some nice stop-motion, as you already know, especially if there’s vinyl involved. This next video was made by Chopsy (director Darren Robbie), the idea was to show us what happens to the old vinyl people used to play. It was shot in a variety of locations around Bristol and was created by shooting entirely in camera. The whole project was created in around 7 months  by Chopsy and some of his friends. the soundtrack to this masterpiece was made by Architeq, as were the sound effects. This one’s a really nice, soo check it out below and enjoy!

“what happens to all the old vinyl people used to play? From out of attics, rubbish bins & forgotten shelving, the records are summoned to an old warehouse by a mysterious ‘collector’.”


Rock around the clock

If you’re a vinyl collector, enthusiast or just somebody who loves music, then you might think that this art destroys the original art, but consider that there’s a lot of bad music that doesn’t have to be preserved on vinyl.

Let me show you what I’m talking about, Pavel Sidorenko is an Estonian designer, from Tallinn, who creates functional, yet playful products. One of his products is a set of clocks, made from old vinyl records, something a lot of people have already tried I’m sure. But the fun thing about his approach is that he sculpted the records into completely different figures by using a laser cutter. I think it looks great, so check it out below, enjoy!

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