Hero in a dressing gown.

If there’s one artist that always succeeds in moving me with his music, it’s definitely Chilly Gonzales. This modern and world-renowned musician who produces pure gold with his fingertips each and every time, is by far my favourite pianist. The first song below this post performs an excellent job in proving this. But another feature that is less common, is that between those sensible sounds, lies a certain rawness that typifies Gonzales. Which is why I wanted to share the second video below, which is a live version of his Oregano track from his first Solo Piano album. So sit back, press play and enjoy!


Everybody got their something

If you had Frank Sinatra as your godfather, there must be something special about you. Singer and soulful lady Nikka Costa has got something special ,she’s got soul and unforgeable funk. Although she’s fairly unknown, she’s got some great songs in her repertoire. If I don’t feel like working – which is mostly the case – her songs can certainly help the workflow. So check out “Everybody got their something” which is the title-track of her 2001 album. The style of the song kinda makes me think of Lucy Pearl, but maybe that’s just me. There’s also an acoustic version of the song, that she did for Rolling Stone magazine. Enjoy!

Fuck you

I’ve been wanting to post this next track ever since it came out. But I decided to wait for the release of the music video to come out.

I must say, this track has been on repeat constantly, I haven’t gone a day without listening -while singing along out loud – to this awesome track. Honestly and with all due respect, Lily Allen can go fuck herself, she’s got nothing on Cee Lo Green, apart from her third nipple that is. There isn’t much to say about this, other than that this track is highly addictive.. So check it out and enjoy.

Original vs Remix

My all-time favorite remix is one by J Dilla, he took Without You – a slow and laidback song/ballad – and turned it into a super smooth banger.

Lucy Pearl is an awesome group often overlooked, they bring Soulful R&B, two members of the group should ring a bell, Raphael Saadiq and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (from A Tribe Called Quest). It’s hard for me again to decide between these two, so you tell me, do you like a smooth ballad or a banging Dilla-remix? Enjoy! 

The Original by Lucy Pearl – Without You

The Remix by J Dilla AKA Jay Dee AKA  James Dewitt Yancey

PS: I didn’t put the Dwele remix on here, because I just don’t feel that one..

Seize the Day

Just watched “Paris” by Cédric Klapisch for my french exam, I liked it, I actually loved it. The movie is great, featuring Romain Duris, who also played in Les Poupées Russes, my favorite french movie. The soundtracks are great, One song in particular is amazing, it’s called “Seize The Day” and it’s a second version from “Que Sera” by Wax Tailor. I’m really fond of it because of the nice mellow beat, the smooth scratches and last but certainly not least the fragile yet beautiful voice from Charlotte Savary. Truly a great track to vibe too and forget all the stress. Enjoy my dear readers.

Marvin Gaye & The Pixies

This is awesome! the french Dj Zebra mashed up Where is my Mind from The Pixies with Marvin Gaye‘s Let’s get it on.. It’s quite an ackward choice, but I love it.

Here’s the result, what do you think? Is it blasphemy or niceness?

if you like it, download it HERE