Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

When I look at 2011, it was a musical eye opener for me. That’s why I’d like to give you my four favourite songs of 2011. Hope you’ll find something you like.

Something Old

Bon Iver has been around for quite a long time, but since Birdy’s popular cover, some attention has gone back to this wonderful artist. Which is why, this song fits onto the 2011 list, whilst being from 2009. And although I have a lot of respect for the talented Birdy, I can’t help but think that the original is infinitely better.


Something New

This is new, as in ‘extremely fresh’. The Glitch Mob made an excellent album, with We Can Make the World Stop being my favourite track on it.


Something Borrowed

Brussels based deejay The Magician decided to borrow I Follow Rivers, by Lykke Li for his remix. And I can’t blame him for taking the song and giving it some oomph.


Someting Blue

Sadness is beautiful, even more so if it’s placed deep within a soothing song performed by one of the greatest and most underestimated singers of 2011, Lucy Rose. Be sure to check out her site, she’s got a few free tunes that you shouldn’t miss out on in 2011.


Get your mix on

Making beats is awesome, but it’s hard work; searching for samples, chopping it up, looping it, putting drums on it, mixing everything, …

Let’s put it this way, a lot of you will never get to it, so I had this cool thing from the 45King I’ve been saving up for a lazy summerday like this one. It’s been on his site for a few years already, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. The 45King is a deejay and beatmaker from New Yersey, who is famous for making beats with obscure 45 RPM records, most of you will recognize The 900 Number, his most famous track, so click and listen if you haven’t got a clue as to who this legend is.

On his site, he’s got “The Mixer” which basically is a small mixer, on which you can choose 4 beats, to play with them. So go ahead, click on the image and start moving those faders around, have fun and enjoy!

Dubstep to this

Dj Phaded, who is an awesome deejay and also a good friend, just made a short 20minute mix. The mix is called Step to this and is filled with Dubstep and Grime tracks. I’m certain a lot of you here will appreciate the mixing style.

DJ Phaded & Kasper


Phaded is a California-based deejay with a heavy addiction when it comes to controllerism. He’s been around for a long time now, and it’s fair to say that he masters almost every music-style there is. Dj Phaded also works together with talented rapper Kasper. I’ve added the playlist and the link here below. So just sit back and enjoy!



Take That – Flux Pavillion
2. Shaolin – Bar 9
3. Retreat – Datsik
4. Hollybrook Park – Joker
5. Sweet Shop – Doctor P
6. My Pet Monster – Caspa
7. Nuke ‘Em – Datsik
8. Woo Boost (Borgore Remix) – Rusko
9. Woo Boost – Rusko

Love conversation

It’s Saturday, so to help you all de-stress, I’ve chosen a track which was released back in February on Brownswood recordings, which some of us may now from the man behind the label, Gilles Peterson known from his Worldwide show on the BBC1.

The tune I’ve chosen to accompany this sunny day, is Love Conversation of the album Black Magic by José James. The track features Jordana de Lovely, who has a lovely voice (no pun intended). I hope some of you will like this sweet and soulful track, enjoy!

keeping it unreal since 1984

I recently re-discovered Mr. Scruff’s musical masterpieces, Mr. Scruff is a UK-based artist from Manchester, with quite a busy schedule. Scruff produces under the Ninja Tune label, but other than that, he’s also an illustrator and a tea-making deejay.

It’s quite hard for me to file Mr. Scruff under a certain musical style, but in general his tracks are laid-back and based on Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Reggae, Latin, African, Ska, Disco, House, Funk, and Breaks. The majority of his tracks are available online for your listening pleasure, so be sure to head out to his Myspace or his website, both feature a lot of tracks and some of his funny cartoons and even three games he made, the style reminds me of the one in one of my previous posts.

I’d like to share one of my personal favorites with you, the incredibly awesome “Kalimba” a very soothing track with nice variations in it. so check it out, together with all the other links. Enjoy!

So smooth

A track I’ve been sporadically listening to over the past few years.

Very soothing and still containing a lot of energy, enjoy!