Next Level: Fonts (Part One)

A few years ago I really didn’t care about fonts and I knew nothing about the awesome ones (Helvetica, Zegoe, Raleway)  and used all the worst ones (yes, I’m talking about you, ComicSans). But over the years I’ve become kind of a font geek and typography has started to intrigue me. But opposed to those I’d normally use, these are, well, over the top, but more than that, they’re amazing. So in the next 4 posts I’ll be showing you some of the greatest – creative- fonts and one way to make your own real easy, so stay tuned. This is part One.

Estonia houses a lot of creative artists, like I showed you before, two other creative geniuses are Vladimir & Maksim Loginov. Back in 2008 they founded HMF, which stands for HandMadeFont. The company name explains it all, they’re specialized in developing unique, untraditional fonts. The fonts are created from everything that surrounds them. They’re catalog is amazing, fonts made from caviar, bread, fruit, chocolate,  lightpainted, sewed, … Truly amazing. Check it out and enjoy. For the designers among us, check out the site, the prices are okay and I think they’d be well worth it.

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