Black Mamba

A post about snakes, but have no fear, no bad acting done by Samuel L. Jackson in this blogpost.

One of my favourite directors has to be Robert Rodriguez, a true genius and maker of Sin City, Grindhouse: Planet Terror and of course Machete (the movie & the trailer). Apart from that, when it gets to advertising about sports, Adidas is pretty awesome, but all hands down for Nike, bringing creativity, awesome imagery and  humor in every ad.  Their latest ad is a prime example of that, directed by Rodriguez and featuring Basketball legend Kobe Bryant, action hero/actor Bruce Willis amongst others.

I’ll say no more about the plot, except for this, one person I really can’t stand, dies in this short film. Check it out and enjoy!


There’s a lot of love

For those who missed out on it, I’ve got an awesome ad for you and yours.

Adidas and other sneaker brands have always been great at presenting the exact atmosphere of their target audience. This ad – created by Canadian advertising agency Sid Lee – is a prime example of how the advertising of a lovemark should look like. Filled with urban style, photography, skateboarding, guitars, a bunch of famous celebrities and last but not least an awesome soundtrack.

Some of you may already know Pilooski, who also remixed Beggin by Frankie Valli and the Four seasons (much better than Madcon’s version), He did an awesome remix of Dee Edwards’ Why Can’t There Be Love, which can be found on Gilles Peterson‘s Digs America Vol. 2. So check it out and enjoy, it’s an awesome clip, although its a shame that part of it is recycled – as in – from footage from the Adidas Star Wars Collection ad.

Dirty balls, they’re every man’s nightmare…

I’ve always been a huge fan of AXE (Unilever) and the catchy and creative campaigns around their products made by BBH, which has to be my favourite advertising agency. For their newest free giveaway, the Axe Detailer, they’ve chosen for the typical TV Home Shopping setting. I’d rather not ruin the surprise here, so go ahead and have a look at the original ad, the follow up and the so-called press conference to do away with the confusion around the product for a healthy dose of ambiguity. The ads feature some eyecandy by the name of Denese Saintclaire as well as ex-tennis player Monica Blake (played by Jaime Pressly). This is what advertising should be like, so check it out, enjoy!