Next Level: Beatbox (Part Two)

Few people know Bossa Nova, it’s a musical style that finds its origin in Brasil and a beatbox version of it surely is amazing, so read on, about this amazing combination.

I first heard Bossa Nova within a Hiphop-track by one of my all-time favorite musicians, James Dewitt Yancey better known as the infamous legend J Dilla. The song Rico Suave Bossa Nova was inspired by Brazilian music legend Sérgio Mendes and it was created together with jazz drummer Karriem Riggins. I’ve always loved that rhythm and while searching for its origins I stumbled upon a track by Jazz legend Cannonball Adderley, called Bossa Nova Nemo (which means no name). Both songs have been played over and over again, and listening to the video I picked today, brings both songs to my head.

When thinking of 20Syl – the main man behind French Hiphopgroup Hocus Pocus – beatboxing probably won’t pop into your head, but back in 2003 he made this wonderful beatbox video with his loop machine. So check it out and enjoy!


About simon wardenier
24-year old Sociology student, studied Communication, Blogger, Photographer, Social MediaGeek & Hard Determinist. Love books, coffee & culture. No Regrets

4 Responses to Next Level: Beatbox (Part Two)

  1. mode20100 says:

    A+ would read again

  2. Beatboxing says:

    great article…i love reading the posts on this blog and by this author, great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

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