Stuff No One Told Me

I’d like to recommend this blog I stumbled upon, it’s not so much a blog as it is a tree of whisdom. Alex Noriega is a 29-year old illustrator from Barcelona. Using only a pencil and some photoshop, he creates stunning cartoons that everytime shows you a smart, witty phrase alongside an awesome drawing. The blog is called Stuff No One Told Me(but I learned anyway) and I’d like to recommend it to everybody out there. Bookmark it at once!

His personal sketchblog is also worth checking out, it contains some awesome and very funny illustrations. I’ve placed some of his work in the slideshow below, but be sure to head out to his blog afterwards. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


About simon wardenier
24-year old Sociology student, studied Communication, Blogger, Photographer, Social MediaGeek & Hard Determinist. Love books, coffee & culture. No Regrets

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