Sample vs. Song

This one you all know, even if you think you don’t know, the sample of this song is one we’ve all heard a million times.

For this post I’ve chosen for Boney M‘s most famous track “Sunny“, we’ve all heard it, it’s one that truly exudes summer. Boney M’s never been a favorite of mine, their greatest hits like “Rivers of Babylon” and “Ma Baker” are more likely to be played in a retirement home than at a funky summerparty.. But still, they’ve made some great disco tracks back in the seventies.

The artist that took the sample, won’t ring a bell, unless you’re into gossip, then you’ll know he had a fling with Amy Winehouse.. I’m talking about Mark Ronson, a English producer who made his first album back in 2003 with a lot of hiphop and R&B artists (e.g. Sean Paul, Nate Dogg, Mos Def, Q-Tip and  M.O.P.) Mark Ronson invited Nate Dogg, Trife the God, Saigon and Ghostface Killah for the track “Ooh Wee“. The sample wasn’t masked in any way, but that doesn’t bring the track down for me, it’s a great sample, why cut it up or ruin it with filters? So go ahead, vote for your favorite, again, I can’t make up my mind about this one. I love the original, it’s summery and the tune is highly addictive, but throwing in some emcees and banging beats never hurt anybody… Vote and Enjoy!

Boney M. – Sunny

Ooh Wee – Mark Ronson Feat. Ghostface Killah Nate Dogg Trife Saigon


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