Diversidad Experience: The sequel

I’m ecstatic about this, a lot of you may remember the Diversidad track from back in 2008. For those who haven’t, it’s in the video below. I must have played it over a million times between then and now.

The track featured Baloji, Noora Noor, Curse, Promoe, Akhenaton and 7 other European artists. It’s a project from the European Music Office supported the European Commission. The single has been downloaded more than 25,000 times. Deejays and emcees also got the opportunity to remix the track or to record their own vocals on the beat. The best among them got featured on the site. Among these tracks there was also an awesome remix by Nag , but unfortunately it’s not online anymore.

Now the project has gotten a sequel, in the form of an album, recorded in 10 days in Brussels, with some amazing artists, among them, including Mariama (with some really great tracks), our own Pitcho and Rival and also Curse seems to be on the track again. The coolest addition to the line-up for me, has to be Melodee (La Melodia), I’m curious as to how the album will turn out, it looks promising though.. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated with new scoops about this.. so check out the video for now, which will give you an overview of the previous edition, and a preview of the upcoming album and the artists featuring on it. Enjoy!

An overview and a preview

20 Artists – 12 Countries – 10 Days


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