Most Definitely.. [Update 02]

After a long night, I take a moment to update you about the show that went down last night.  Unfortunately this gig didn’t really live up to my expectations. The sound was crappy, nothing but bass for your earholes. It was nice that the balcony was open, it’s a cool spot to check those more laid-back gigs. Mos Def did a lot of his classics, but I still have a weird feeling about some parts of the show. Maybe some enjoyed it though. The vibe was cool, glad to have finally seen what remains one of the greatest.


About simon wardenier
24-year old Sociology student, studied Communication, Blogger, Photographer, Social MediaGeek & Hard Determinist. Love books, coffee & culture. No Regrets

5 Responses to Most Definitely.. [Update 02]

  1. Fonz says:

    Bass is daar alsan crappy, sound ook. Dubstep party paar maand geleden bezorden mijn oren permanente hoorschade 🙂

  2. Jens says:

    Jammer gedimme!
    Best dak nie geweest ben dan

  3. alex says:

    Damn, waar ik stond was de sound heel goed, achteraan in de zaal, beneden. Ik verstond ieder woord dat hij zei! Dit is wat ik ervan vond:

    • Helaas was dat op het balkon niet zo, bij sommige tracks viel het best mee, maar bij enkele tracks kon je amper horen welke beat het was. Wel jammer want dat zorgt er natuurlijk voor dat genieten van de show er niet meer echt in zit. Dope post op Apollo wel..

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