To blog or not to blog, that WAS the dilemma

I seem to have made up my mind. I believe that in order to truly understand something, one should take part in it. Therefore as a Public Relations student, blogging should be something that I thoroughly understand.

Of course there’s more to it, I’ve always had an interest in social media, whether it was my favorite blog, Twitter, Facebook or other platforms. The only thing holding me back was that I’ve always been unsure about the content of my blog. Should I post about PR-matters, provide a summary of all the tech stuff out there or should I provide people with a rundown of the important things I encounter? I seem to have finally figured it out, I’ve chosen the latter.

So from now on, every time you tune in to my blog, you’ll find a collection of my findings and thoughts. I hope some of you will enjoy it.



About simon wardenier
24-year old Sociology student, studied Communication, Blogger, Photographer, Social MediaGeek & Hard Determinist. Love books, coffee & culture. No Regrets

3 Responses to To blog or not to blog, that WAS the dilemma

  1. Fonz says:

    Good decision! Good content also! Nice to have you in the blogsphere! Seems interesting what you have to blog about social media, music, general thoughts.

    Keep going!

  2. Emily says:

    Definitely to blog. Like it a lot!

  3. Thanks, glad to hear that you like it

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